Missing in Action - owning my truth and stepping into alignment

I’ve been out of the game for a while. My last social media post was on 1st August and prior to that, they were sporadic at best.

The truth is I’ve been finding my own truth.

I noticed back in May that I had become tired of the daily posting on social media. I started to doubt myself. Comparisonitis had set in and after a two week holiday, it took a firm grip on me. I believed my writing was rubbish, I felt unprepared and my life had become a stressful existence of ‘searching for content’.  I felt unauthentic and I realised I was living my life through a screen and missing out on real joy and genuine human connection.

So I stepped back. I took a break from social media and gave myself two weeks off. I mean, that’s like 5 years in social media time right? After the two weeks, I posted occasionally but my heart wasn’t in it.

I was also writing my chapter for the eagerly awaited new book ‘Mumpreneur on Fire 3’ (due for pre-sale on 4th September) which needed my undivided attention.

I know my story inside out – it’s my life. But what I didn’t realise is by writing my story, it would resurface so many emotions. It was incredibly difficult to relive the pain and trauma that I went through as a child, teenager and young adult. It bought up memories and mental images that had been stored safely deep inside my subconscious mind.  I wept for myself, my family and of course, my sister. It reminded me that grief isn’t a process that we push through, our losses affect us forever. It’s inevitable that the loss of a loved one will change us. It changes our outlook on life, our values, the way we see the world and ultimately, we create a separate identity to who we were before. Not only do we grieve the person we’ve lost, we grieve for the person we used to be and for who we may have become.

But during this process, it forced me to take a deep long hard look inside myself and reconnect with who I am, the messages I need to share and what I want to put out into the world.

I adore coaching and it’s a massive part of my life, both personally and professionally but what I’ve neglected to address is that counselling was my starting point and what underpins true transformation (in my opinion). What we resist persists (Carl Jung) and in order to move forward, we need to address our past. I started to train to become a psychotherapist before I had children and completed 2 years of the 5 year qualification. I’ve decided that now is the right time to go back to school to continue with my studies to become fully accredited in this field. I hope to specialise in bereavement, sibling bereavement and support families who are dealing with terminal illness.

I am also going to widen my coaching practice. At the moment I tend to work with mums which I adore and love being part of my clients' transformation but I feel like I am out of alignment with my beliefs and values. I want to work with ALL women that are mindful of the nagging feeling that they’re not living life on their terms and help them to step into their truth and bring their deep desires to life.

September is going to bring a rebrand for my coaching practice, getting back into study and finally speaking my own truth. My posts on social media may be a little different and I appreciate they may not be aligned to why you initially hit that follow or like button so please don’t feel you have to stick around – I am all about doing what is right for you! But it’s time for me to step up, own my truth and I hope that you will join me for the ride xx

If you are interested in reading Charlotte’s story (and 24 other stories from inspirational women in business) in the upcoming book ‘Mumpreneur on Fire 3’ please note these key dates (available from Amazon)

  • 4th September – pre-order
  • 4th October - kindle release
  • 11th October - paperback release