I was considering going back to work as my baby was getting older and I was ready to do something new with my life. I was struggling to think what that should be and wanted to create the kind of life I wanted rather than just 'get a job'.

I saw Charlotte's post on Facebook about her programme and when I read it I just thought 'that's for me'! I knew I really wanted to speak to her!

I hadn't worked with a coach before and I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be more formal and relate more directly to professional goals but I was excited and hopeful going into our first session. 

By the end of the first session, I felt like there might be a job out there that would actually suit the life I wanted and I feel more positive about my future work prospects. I have actually found a job I feel would really suit me, and I've contacted the company to see if I can get any help getting on that career path. I also understand a bit better what I want and why in a lot of aspects of my life.

I really enjoyed our sessions and wasn't expecting it to cover so many aspects of my life. I felt like something deep had been tapped into. I am sad they're over and I think you would be a great ongoing help for me when facing new challenges! My coaching sessions with you were positive, enriching and enjoyable.

LISA JACKSON - mum of 1 and former typographer 


When I first conacted Charlotte, I was not happy in myself, had no confidence, I was worrying about my little boy who has ASD & ADHD & was really in need of a career change.

After I saw a post on Facebook that Charlotte had posted, something inside me push me to apply. It was fate as I was feeling very low at the time and suddenly Charlotte appeared like a guardian angel. 

I hadn't worked with a coach before and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was quite nervous, anxious & scared going into our first session but once Charlotte open the door, I felt all those feelings disappear. I felt a really warm energy from Charlotte and I suddenly felt so relaxed. Charlotte made me feel like I was at home and that I had known her for years

After the first session, I came out feeling so relaxed. For the first time in a long time I felt I was doing something for me. I had a plan to focus on. I had changes I needed to start making. 

My family and friends have said I seem much more confident, more organised and happy. My partner said I seem to be more outgoing like I used to be and worrying as much - I am more chilled out. 

My biggest change has been my growing confidence. I am also making time for me - having my nails & hair done regularly, making the time to have meetings with friends for coffee and lunch instead of putting off for no particular reason. I feel much happier.

I am also planning to start college in September for a counselling course. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time. 

My coaching experience with Charlotte has been brilliant and life-changing

Thank you Charlotte for giving me the confidence to change the negative parts of my life and for giving me the confidence to apply for college. 

LINDA - mum of 2 and a budding counselor


Since our 30 minute coaching call, I have felt very positive and organised going into this week and i'm making a conscious effort to aim for my goals and any extras/alternatives where needed.

I have told myself that I can do this and our coaching call helped me know that it is possible and just do it & stop just thinking about it.  It has also allowed me to know that if i'm just paper work sorting one night, then that is acceptable - it’s on my plan!!

It was a bit like I had to admit to someone what I have not been doing/avoiding to make me think ‘come on Becky’. You gave me a bit of a kick up the backside!!! Lol xx

Thank you - I will definitely be back. 

BECKY - full time working mum