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I want you to imagine this:

  • Getting to play with your children in the middle of the day.
  • Alleviating the guilt you have around not spending enough time with your children.
  • Going for a yoga class or a facial at 3pm – because you can!
  • Feeling excited about your job.
  • Enjoying a fulfilled life by not being a slave to the 9-5.
  • Choosing to do what you love and earning money from it.
  • Taking control of your life and experiencing total satisfaction.

I can help you to make this your reality!

I have devised the perfect programme for you.

I am telling you, there is another way.

You can have it all.

You deserve to have the life you were supposed to live.

How do I know this? Because this is the life I am now living.

So, what is this programme? I hear you ask.


‘It's Your Time To Have It All!’

We will concentrate on three separate areas:


  • Understand your subconscious beliefs about yourself that hold you back in life.
  • Find the person you used to be before becoming a mum.
  • Engage your Authentic Self.
  • Bring to life your qualities, talents and strengths.
  • What lights you up and makes you happy.


  • Truly understand your Zone of Genius and how your negative thoughts will impact your progress.
  • What is stopping you making the first steps.
  • How to operate in a positive mindset.
  • What you need to do to make the change.


  • Leave your comfort zone.
  • Silence your negative self-talk.
  • Take action towards living your dream life.
  • Embrace your new career.
  • Live authentically as the real you.

This program runs over a 6 week period:

  • 90 minute intensive session to get really clear on where you are in your journey and how we will structure the rest of the programme.
  • 4 weeks 60 minute 1:1 sessions (weeks 2-5).
  • Week 6 will end with another 90 minute intensive session so we can map ou your next action steps.

Each client has different needs which means we will work at the pace you set, with me supporting you.

Our sessions will take place via Skype (or another internet based call service) which will all be recorded and accessible to you. (Please note that all recorded material will remain confidential.)

However, if you are local to where I live and would prefer face to face sessions, I am happy for these to take place at my office.

Additional Support:

  • Access to me via email for additional support in between sessions, as needed (please allow for a 12 hour response window).
  • I will recommend a list of books that changed the way I think about myself.

Your Investment:

  • You get all of the above for an investment of £597

Remember, you're the only version of you. THAT is your super power. It’s time to take charge and work with me to figure out your new direction together.  That dream of having it all will be well on its way to becoming your full-blown reality.


Get in touch today for a complimentary clarity call.


Personal message from Charlotte: 

You’ve had your baby, returned to work and the whole world feels like it’s caving in.

You’ve gone back to a job you hate or are no longer in love with.

People don’t understand that you’ve changed.

Your priorities are different. So much so that you feel you’ve lost the essence of who you are.

You spend every waking moment doing something for someone else. Whether it’s pulling together an amazing presentation that your heart isn’t really in or making sure nursery have enough nappies for your little cherub.

You sort washing, cook meals, do the nursery drop off (probably blinking away a few tears on your way to work) and then you’ve transformed into a career woman to kick butt in an office you don’t really want to be in. 

The only time you get to yourself is the commute to and from the office and you spend that time wishing you could be at home with your little darlings, wiping their tears or reading them a storybook.

It wasn’t too long ago that your life was the best it's ever been. You had a wonderful, life-changing moment of introducing a new life to the world that was made by you!

Okay, you were probably sleep deprived and second guessing your every move but YOU MADE A BABY! I mean, who wouldn’t change after that?

You made something incredible and not only has it changed you, it set a fire inside you - you know you’re made for bigger and better things.

You dream of a life where you can have it all - precious time with your children, a career that empowers and fulfils you and time to look after yourself. Because let’s face it, you’re so far down your priority you will most likely be starting that yoga class in 20-never.

Are you nodding along to this saying yes, yes, YES!?

I know this because this was me back in 2016. 

It doesn't HAVE to be this way. We are led to believe that 'other people' have dream careers or set-up their own business. I certainly felt this way until I hired a coach and started my own dream business - coaching YOU to discover your dream career, building your confidence and self-esteem and silencing your inner critic so YOU believe in yourself to achieve YOUR true purpose in life. 

You've found your way here. I know you are ready. It's your time to have it all so take the first step today! 


Charlotte xx