'Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother.'


Everyone relies on mum to do everything. You’re the go-to for everyone in the family.

Part of you loves this feeling - it’s your primal instinct to protect, care for and love your children. You pre-empt every outcome of a potentially dangerous situation. When they’re sick, you want to take it for them. When they’re upset, you want to make it better. When they’re happy, you burst with love.

But the other part feels overwhelmed with the endless responsibilities.

School runs. Homework. Bills. Stocking the cupboards. Housework. Childcare. Organising social calendars. Remember all the birthdays. Dinners. Bedtimes. Laundry.


And in all of this, someone gets forgotten. 


You need to start putting yourself first once in a while. You need to find what makes you happy outside of your children. You need ‘me time’ (and that doesn’t mean going to the loo alone or food shopping!)

You have so many roles in life that you’ve disregarded and forgotten who YOU are.

You don’t necessarily want your OLD life back (a hangover with kids is NOT FUN) but you know you need to do something that fulfils you as your own person and not just as a mum.

You end up giving so much of yourself to other people that you forgot about yourself. This manifests in you feeling frustrated, chaotic, alone, resentful and hating the way you’re living your life even though on paper it was exactly what you wanted.

Feeling this way leads to you being snappy, short-tempered, and irate and pretty much enforcing a zero tolerance policy on the whole family.

I get it. I really do because I’m a mother. It’s all too easy to become lost.

So let yourself imagine for a moment a life where you get some much needed time to yourself.

By MAKING time for yourself:

  • You have more FUN with your kids.
  • You ENJOY quality time with your husband/partner·     
  • You feel SATISFIED and CONTENT with life.  
  • No more mum-guilt! You’ve silenced that inner critic.

I can help you make this a reality because this is how I am now living, unapologetically!

I’ve created a coaching programme to focus on mums who’ve spent so long putting others needs first; they’re unable to recognise what their own needs are.

  • It’s time to get your passion, purpose and identity back.
  • It’s time to say YES to yourself.
  • It’s time to put you at the top of your list once in a while.
  • It’s time to make YOU the priority.

I’ve worked hard to get balance in my life so I can enjoy all aspects of being a mother, partner and individual. Now I want to share the tools I use with you.

You deserve to live a life that excites you!


I’d love to introduce you to my coaching programme:


Over a 6 week period we will cover all of the following:


  • Understand what prevents you from putting yourself first.
  • Fall in love with yourself so making time for yourself will be a necessity, not a luxury.
  • Know exactly what makes you happy.
  • Value yourself and your time – others will quickly follow suit.


  • Reconnect back in with yourself outside of all of your other roles.
  • Get to know who you truly are.
  • Bring to life your qualities, talents and strengths.
  • Fulfil your OWN needs without the guilt.  


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE to organise. I will help you to:

  • Create time-saving strategies that streamline your daily routine       
  • Bring order and routine to your life (trust me, this will bring the fun to your life!).
  • Eliminate any feelings of chaos and bring back control.
  • Make time for yourself EVERY WEEK.
  • Stop running on empty - develop your own self-care programme.


  • Introductory Clarity Call to get really clear on where you are.
  • Week 1 we start with a 90 minute intensive session to dig deep and jump start your journey.
  • 4 weeks 60 minute 1:1 sessions (weeks 2-5).
  • Week 6 we end with another 90 minute intensive session to map out your next action steps.

Each client has different needs which means we will work at the pace you set, with me supporting you.

Our sessions will take place at my home office or via Skype (or another internet based call service) which will all be recorded and accessible to you so you can play them back and gain even further insight. (Please note that all recorded material will remain confidential.)

Additional Support:

  • Access to me via email for additional support in between sessions, as needed.
  • Recommended reading list of books.

Your Investment:

You get all of the above for only £597* 

*additional sessions may be purchased, if required.

Remember, you're not just a mum. You are a magnificent woman who deserves to live your life doing what makes YOU truly happy.


Get in touch today for a complimentary clarity call to discuss if this is the right programme for you.