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Mumpreneur on Fire 3

I featured as a co-author in the number 1 Amazon bestseller, Mumpreneur on Fire 3.

25 inspirational real life stories from empowered women battling through depression, kidnap, bereavement, suicide and more. These 25 inspirational women share with you how they became successful mumpreneurs against all odds!

Is your mindset impacting your children in a positive way?

This piece was written for Thrive Global to create awareness around mindset and how coming from a negative place not only affects us, it affects our children too. 

Perfectionist in hiding

I wrote this piece for Thrive Global because I wanted to illustrate how I put off following my dreams because I was waiting for perfect. Actually I was using perfection as an excuse and being controlled by fear. 

How to combat mum-guilt

We've all been there and it doesn't serve us or our children.  That's why I wanted to share 5 tips to help alleviate mum-guilt and increase self-worth. 

Can women really have it all?

I was interviewed by Motherhood: The Real Deal asking for my thoughts on what it really means to 'have it all' and if I think it's achievable. Check out the full interview which has had a great response. Here are a couple of the comments:

'This is such an interesting and thought-provoking read – I especially love the line…you don’t have to DO it all to HAVE it all ' - Helen

'This is such an interesting read, very thought-provoking. I think us women have so much pressure on us these days and it is crazy x' - Newcastle Family Life